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Category Archive: Interview

Talking Independent Musician Publishing, Part 2

15 August 2017 / Interview

If you’re an independent artist the onus is on you to educate yourself as to the functions of regulatory organisations like SAMRO and how they’re supposed to work for you. Granted, it can be a daunting prospect, especially for someone …

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Talking Independent Musician Publishing, Part 1

14 August 2017 / Interview

Over the last 5 years there’s been a massive rise in the prominence of mainstream independent artists, both in South Africa and abroad. These artists know the importance of having their paperwork taken care of for them, presumably where they …

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Alice Phoebe Lou: A Firm Advocate of Change

19 July 2017 / Interview

The sound of a xylophone drips over a seated and rapt crowd in the fading sunshine of Brainchild festival. Alice Phoebe Lou is playing ‘Ocean’.

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Monark: On The Cutting Edge Of Pop

10 July 2017 / Interview

Monark is a band that, in a few short years since their formation, has racked up an impressive list of achievements, not to mention that their first album “Negatives” has been on the airwaves almost permanently since it was …

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Wandile Mbambeni: Musical Maturation As A Way of Life

5 July 2017 / Interview

The recent release of Wandile Mbambeni’s second EP “Maturation” saw him changing direction significantly as an artist. While his first effort “Good Intentions” has the singer-songwriter signature all over it that of “Maturation” shows a greater focus on …

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