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Diamond Thug: Exploring their interpretation of the cosmos

9 May 2018 / Interview

Diamond Thug have put two years of hard work into a brilliant full-length release. I wanted to discuss in depth, their processes, inspirations and opinions throughout this journey, as they strive for succeed independently in South Africa.

Saul Nossel: Talk us …

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Truth And Its Burden: Dedicated to chaos

7 May 2018 / Interview

“I don’t think it’s fair for other [bands] to slog hard in your absence and then we just come back and, sweet titties, everything is as we left it. There has to be a sense of commitment and the ability …

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36 Crazyfists: Down a brighter path

25 April 2018 / Interview

It’s pretty late when I call Brock Lindow up for a chat ahead of 36 Crazyfists’ two-date SA tour. When he answers his voice is alert and awake – a fact he blames on the 10 hour time difference between …

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Getting To Know George Avakian, Part 2

24 April 2018 / Interview

In the second part of our interview with George Avakian he explains how curating a festival the size of Rocking The Daisies is a team effort, how every stage will be fully functional from 12pm at this year’s festival and …

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Getting To Know George Avakian, Part 1

23 April 2018 / Interview

I arrive at Quicket’s Hout Street office and it’s surprisingly calm despite the madness ensuing online. Rocking The Daisies first phase of tickets wasn’t even live for 30 seconds before it sold out and naturally, the people who couldn’t get …

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