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Category Archive: Opinion

Pedro Barbosa: Reborn

16 August 2018 / Opinion, Review

After spending a large amount of time gigging, attempting to make his mark on SA’s music scene, Mozambique-born Pedro Barbosa has taken a step into the unknown by releasing his debut solo album, “Reborn.”

While most of Barbosa’s previous work …

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SA DJ to start list of toxic men she won’t work alongside

/ Opinion

I was sent a link to a tweet last night that infuriated me beyond measure, posted by a woman who says that she was sexually harassed at Oppikoppi by a DJ who played at the festival this past weekend.

I …

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Cape Town hosts alternative festival for the wayward souls

/ Opinion

There’s metal and then there’s praiseworthy metal like Polar Dust. Alternative metal band, Polar Dust, originated on the ice-capped mountains of Reykjavik, Iceland in 2006 by a South African. After seven years of exploring the Icelandic music scene and culture, …

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Darkie Fiction is Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight for August

15 August 2018 / Opinion

With nothing more than a dream and a desire to follow their passion for music and storytelling, Cape Town formed, Joburg based duo, Darkie Fiction, has started to get their sound heard.

Now, Apple Music has noted their efforts and …

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Oppikoppi Day 2: Nomakanjani

14 August 2018 / Opinion

Friday begrudgingly gets off to a bit of a late start as I try semi-successfully to pull myself towards myself while drifting aimlessly between Bruilhof and James Phillips, eventually settling on Bam Bam Brown’s debut.

Frontman Kieron Brown and his guitarist …

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