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Category Archive: Opinion

The Highs & Lows of Glastonbury 2017

27 June 2017 / Opinion

Glastonbury Festival is over – the ribbon tower dismantled as I write, the Pyramid stage’s luminescence extinguished. I’m decompressing slowly, gathering my wits to reflect after a weekend of pure musical binging. So here is a collection of highs and …

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Southern Wild: Lead In A Classic Horror

/ Opinion, Review

After months of tearing across the country, Southern Wild’s debut “Lead Role In A Classic Horror” has arrived to the eager, open arms of the rock community. It’s an album that celebrates a spectrum of styles from folk to …

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Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys Release ‘Black Spot’

/ Opinion

Filmmaker and video editor, Joff, offers a video which captures the mysterious essence of the second single of Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys.

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Skeleton Coast: Get Some

26 June 2017 / Opinion, Review

Psychedelic rock has become the bedrock of our present musical time and Nelson Mandela Bay-based band Skeleton Coast is attempting to carve a unique indentation with their debut EP, “Get Some”.

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Fresh Flex Friday #10

23 June 2017 / Opinion

“It’s not love, it’s winter” is the all-too-familiar phrase that’s been doing the rounds lately. It’s the idea that people feel lonelier or are more likely to see companionship when the temperature drops.

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