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Category Archive: Opinion

Melo B Jones: The Start

25 July 2017 / Opinion, Review

After appearing on The X Factor in 2014, Johannesburg-based songstress Melo B Jones has been hard at work shaping her musical identity. With the release of her new EP “The Start”, she has amalgamated hip hop, soul and R&B …

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Bye Beneco: Ghetto Disko

24 July 2017 / Opinion, Review

Following a highly successful tour last year Bye Beneco has returned to Europe, a stint which coincides with the release of their latest EP “Ghetto Disko”, whose fleeting five tracks have taken their already distinctive sound to the next level, with easy …

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Dirty Moonshine: Toxic Waltz

19 July 2017 / Opinion, Review

Ever since ZZ Top’s ‘La Grange’ first took over the airwaves the rock ‘n’ roll shuffle has become an iconic rhythm for those who love the genre.

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In Review: Lo-ghost Album Launch at Manila Bar

18 July 2017 / Opinion

Walking up the Manila Bar stairs on Friday I was greeted by the sounds of K$, whose set was solid dancefloor gold: a soulful and feel-good mix of disco, funk and R&B that set a great vibe in the packed venue.

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Dragoons: Anomaly

/ Opinion, Review

Dragoons is the new five-piece incarnation of the Chris Ross band. With their album “Anomaly” they take aim at a format tackled by countless other bands in combining rock tones with piano. In this case, their foray into the …

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