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Category Archive: Opinion

In Review: Desmond & the Tutus at Mercury Live

23 May 2017 / Opinion

I arrive upstairs at Mercury just after nine and I can barely see the bar. The inner-city venue is packed, almost uncomfortably, and as unfamiliar as it seems I find the sight strangely pleasing. Due to unforeseen circumstances, opener Young …

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Rivkah Hope: Globetrotter

22 May 2017 / Opinion, Review

There’s nowhere like home, and active traveller, self-proclaimed gypsy and singer-songwriter Rivkah Hope couldn’t agree more. After her debut album resulted in a few tours to the US and Europe, Hope spent the last 4 years living in more …

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Fresh Flex Friday #7

19 May 2017 / Opinion

Today’s unintentional theme is one of personal growth, maturity and remembering your roots. It fills me with pride to be able to share new music from SA artists who have taken the leap overseas and are finding success, while always …

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Lost & Found: End Of The Bar

/ Opinion, Review

‘The End of the Bar’ gives drummer Jason Oosthuizen the chance to stretch his legs a bit with a myriad of showy fills and dense rhythms to match the performance of guest guitarist, Jedd Kossew.

The core of the song is …

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In Review: Ann Jangle at Cafe Roux

18 May 2017 / Opinion

I arrive at Café Roux a bit later than normal, but while the audience is ready and waiting, Ann Jangle seems to be taking her sweet time.

I climb to the upper level and cosy myself in the corner, ordering …

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