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Category Archive: Opinion

BRYNN: About Time

16 October 2017 / Opinion, Review

After over a year spent gradually infiltrating the gigging scene, BRYNN has finally released their debut offering, ‘About Time’. It’s a dreamy, powerhouse of a track, which positions the Mother City based five-piece on unique grounds.

Fronted by Jules Terea, the …

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10 Best Sets From Rocking The Daisies 2017

13 October 2017 / Opinion

After the last of the flower crowns have been safely locked away and glitter extracted from eyebrows and newfound wrinkles, I had a closer look at a few of the performances that stood out for me on the Main Stage, …

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Fismits: Anywhere

/ Opinion, Review

The Fismits’ latest EP “Anywhere” features a quirky mix of rock and indie that has some notable issues. There’s a need for structure and vocal consistency that makes itself felt throughout, and perhaps with experience that may yet develop for …

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Fresh Flex Friday #21

/ Opinion

Nostalgia, powerful rhythms, multi-dimensional sonic landscapes and odes to origin is the order of the day for this week’s feature. We’re gearing up for a killer summer and these are the artists who will be putting in the work and …

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Satanic Dagga Orgy Release ‘Zuma’s Knob’

12 October 2017 / Opinion

Satanic Dagga Orgy are back with their trademark, upbeat folky chords, this time with their special brand of tongue-in-cheek commentary aimed straight at President Jacob Zuma.

Recorded live at Rocket Sound in Johannesburg by Jeremy C. Elwell and released online …

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