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Category Archive: Opinion

Dan Patlansky Releases ‘Dog Day’ Video

22 January 2018 / Opinion

If Dan Patlansky’s last album solidified his status as one of the best blues rock guitarists in the world, his upcoming album is sure to reinforce that fact. “Perfection Kills” hasn’t even been released yet and Blues Rock …

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De Wallen Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

/ Opinion

After some downtime, Cape Town-based group De Wallen is headed into studio in January for two weeks to record their third album.

But after using majority of their saved funds to finance the current recording and upcoming European tour, they …

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Scarlet Collider: Scarlet Collider

/ Opinion, Review

Scarlet Collider’s debut EP is a perfect example of a young band exploring their creativity. At times the result is perplexing and at others, encouraging. It’s got the influence of late ‘90s and early 2000s written all over it, paying …

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Fresh Flex Friday #30

19 January 2018 / Opinion

Last week I spoke about the New Year being an opportunity for change and renewed energy, but what I have also discovered is that a lot of people are dealing with loss, heartbreak and grim realities.

Some of the artists on …

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“Tomb Raider” Release Second Official Trailer

18 January 2018 / Opinion

Soundtracked to Destiny’s Child’s anthem ‘Survivor’, it’s clear that this version of Tomb Raider and its protagonist are here to take absolutely no prisoners.

In the new trailer we see Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) admitting to having hallucinations of her …

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