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Category Archive: Review

Pedro Barbosa: Reborn

16 August 2018 / Opinion, Review

After spending a large amount of time gigging, attempting to make his mark on SA’s music scene, Mozambique-born Pedro Barbosa has taken a step into the unknown by releasing his debut solo album, “Reborn.”

While most of Barbosa’s previous work …

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Me’ek: Water As We Kiss

14 August 2018 / Opinion, Review

Industrial goth rockers Me’ek are a youngblood band from Johannesburg and they just dropped a stellar EP titled ‘Water As We Kiss’. The duo, Carla Malrowe on vocals and John al-Khayal on guitar, began producing music together in 2015 but …

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Sannie Fox: My Soul Got Stranger

13 August 2018 / Opinion, Review

Sannie Fox’s new album, ‘My Soul Got Stranger’ is a melting pot of different sounds and influences all sewn together by her seamless guitar work. Her first solo album since “Serpente Masjien” in 2015 gives us a bigger, fuller, more …

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The Man Motels: Quit Looking At Me!

7 August 2018 / Opinion, Review

Back on the scene after their hiatus in 2013, The Man Motels’ new 8-track album, “Quit Looking At Me!” is in smothered with heavy doses of Americana-esque rock riffage, orchestrated at a breakneck pace.

Muffled, ruffled electric guitar dominates the offering, …

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Don’t Poke The Bear: Maps

3 August 2018 / Opinion, Review

Navigating the general scope of the human condition in a 10-track offering which swings neatly between genre, Capetonian trio Don’t Poke The Bear delivers a carefully curated album which could have ventured just a few strides more from their comfort …

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