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Category Archive: Review

Last One Alive: Last One Alive

23 November 2017 / Opinion, Review

Last One Alive’s debut EP makes a powerful first impression with six tracks that go straight for the jugular, displaying a massive helping of speed, a great balance of singing and screams and a range of different influences.

It’s a …

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Go The Rodeo: Vultures

22 November 2017 / Opinion, Review

Go the Rodeo are quickly establishing themselves as a musical force that takes no prisoners. Their new track ‘Vultures’ stripped-down and minimalistic in terms of its instrumental backdrop. Vocally, it makes use of a refreshing falsetto in …

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Ebeneze: Aion

21 November 2017 / Opinion, Review

Fresh off her debut performance from Rocking the Daisies last month, Pretoria-bred, Somerset West-based singer-songwriter Ebeneze Spamers is yet to let the momentum she has amassed, cease.

Having recently released her new single ‘Aion’, she’s on stage nearly every week …

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Spook The Horses: People Used To Live Here

20 November 2017 / Opinion, Review

The third album from New Zealand’s Spook The Horses sees them delving deep into post metal darkness. Written through harsh winters and self-imposed isolation, the result is a bleak 40 minutes of highly conceptual and atmospheric music.

The main thematic device …

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Black City Wolf: Deadline

16 November 2017 / Opinion, Review

Deadline like to show up on stage covered in sleeveless denim jackets which are in turn covered in patches denoting Black Sabbath, Motorhead and the like. They have names like Jessy Swithcblade and The Skullprit. They are clearly diehard …

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