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Category Archive: Review

Nicpreen: Never Ever

22 September 2017 / Opinion, Review

Just as we’ve finally gotten through our seemingly endless, Al Bairre-induced grief, frontman Nicholas Preen’s solo effort is out out of the bag.

A mere 6 months after the band’s final show at Kirstenbosch, we were uncertain as to whether any …

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Colour Faction: Colour Faction

20 September 2017 / Opinion, Review

Touching on an array of dynamics in their self-titled debut EP, Colour Faction is a clear-cut indie pop group looking to make a mark on a somewhat limp genre in SA.

Preceding the EP, the band’s debut single was a goodie …

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The Ocean: Turritopsis Dohrnii

19 September 2017 / Opinion, Review

The Ocean is an instrumental post-metal band that’s just released their latest song, which is about a species of jellyfish, ‘Turritopsis Dohrnii’. Although the metal label is relevant, this track in particular focuses on something tranquil and slightly out …

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Cantrel: Tough Life

18 September 2017 / Opinion, Review

Long-time Prime Circle keyboardist and producer Neil Breytenbach has recently released a single as part of his new project, Cantrel. The single, titled ‘Tough Life’, draws its inspiration from artists like Depeche Mode and Fort Minor and will see Breytenbach …

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Lwaistar, Isaac Wilson & M2KaNE: Young Niggz

15 September 2017 / Opinion, Review

Serving as the first single of an aspiring project, M2KaNE, Isaac Wilson and Lwaister have unleashed a track so densely-menacing and simultaneously promising

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