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Category Archive: Review

Satanic Dagga Orgy: The Prawn Awakens

24 April 2017 / Opinion, Review

Everybody’s favourite folk troublemakers Satanic Dagga Orgy are back with an EP titled “The Prawn Awakens”. It’s a short but sweet effort that builds intensity and delivers all the facets we’ve come to expect from the band.

After a lo-fi gramophone …

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Dangerfields: Ashes

21 April 2017 / Opinion, Review

Dangerfields’ follow-up to their debut EP “Embers” sees the post-punk outfit venture forward within the glacier of sound so fittingly theirs since the four-piece’s inception and first release in June last year. EP’s have become somewhat of a popular trend …

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Josh Wantie & DJ SA5H: Get Over Yourself

20 April 2017 / Opinion, Review

After closing off last year with a jubilant hit with The Kiffness, Capetonian singer-songwriter Josh Wantie has become more and more accustomed to collaborations.

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State Society: Reflections of Summer

19 April 2017 / Opinion, Review

State Society’s latest release is a video for ‘Reflections of Summer’ that embraces nostalgia and positivity.

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M2KaNE: Cardiology: The Pretape

18 April 2017 / Opinion, Review

M2KaNE (Mihlali Tukani) has expressed how his previous EP “The Heartist”, provoked a period of rapid self-actualisation that resulted in his newest release “Cardiology: The Pretape”. Although less aggressive and more pensive than previous works, the album undoubtedly compensates with, …

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