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Category Archive: Review

Rivkah Hope: Globetrotter

22 May 2017 / Opinion, Review

There’s nowhere like home, and active traveller, self-proclaimed gypsy and singer-songwriter Rivkah Hope couldn’t agree more. After her debut album resulted in a few tours to the US and Europe, Hope spent the last 4 years living in more …

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Lost & Found: End Of The Bar

19 May 2017 / Opinion, Review

‘The End of the Bar’ gives drummer Jason Oosthuizen the chance to stretch his legs a bit with a myriad of showy fills and dense rhythms to match the performance of guest guitarist, Jedd Kossew.

The core of the song is …

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Raygun Royale: Intergalactic Lightning Bandits

18 May 2017 / Opinion, Review

“Intergalactic Lightning Bandits” exhibits a mostly guitar-driven collection of heartfelt angst and disarray and with this EP

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The Dirty South: Black Widow

17 May 2017 / Opinion, Review

The Dirty South’s latest single ‘Black Widow’ is a hard rock shuffle with midrange-heavy guitars

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The Medicine Dolls: Sick Like Paradise

16 May 2017 / Opinion, Review

The Medicine Dolls return to the scene on a wave of reverb and morbidity with their EP “Sick Like Paradise”. This EP picks up where the last one left off, providing three tempos that offers varied mix of tempo …

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