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Category Archive: Review

Scarlet Collider: Scarlet Collider

22 January 2018 / Opinion, Review

Scarlet Collider’s debut EP is a perfect example of a young band exploring their creativity. At times the result is perplexing and at others, encouraging. It’s got the influence of late ‘90s and early 2000s written all over it, paying …

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N8N: Cape Town

18 January 2018 / Opinion, Review

Undeniably the solid beating heart of the South African music scene, Cape Town seems to always draw musicians into her depths and spit them back out again with a whole lot of inspiration. Nathan Ambach’s, better known by his …

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Thee Loopholes: Mantras

17 January 2018 / Opinion, Review

Thee Loopholes deliver a strong and strange first effort with their debut album “Mantras”. The grinding overdrive of stoner-rock-meets-psychedelic, with a bit of surf’s rhythmic inspiration, results in a groove that’s instantly recognizable. Most of “Mantras” also has a trippy …

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Vern Daysel: Blood Of A Wolf

29 December 2017 / Opinion, Review

Vern Daysel’s latest effort “Blood Of A Wolf” is focused unwaveringly on Southern rock, bringing with it the twanging guitars and drawling vocals that the genre is known for. Although the genre has its feet firmly planted in the south …

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Daniel Basckin: Archive

21 December 2017 / Opinion, Review

Daniel Basckin’s debut EP “Archive” is focused solely on the potential of the acoustic guitar as an instrument for composition on its own. The five tracks are a celebration of its creative possibilities, ranging from folky to modern influences.

The first …

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