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A Band Of Brothers

13 Nov 2013 / Interview, Review

“I know we’re still learning, but sometimes, you’ve gotta go fetch an audience,” Brad Klynsmith (vox/guitar) tells me, sipping uber slowly on a Clarkes Cotton Picker.

By now you know the story – 4 clean-cut okes from Durban put …

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In Review: Rocking The Daisies 2013

11 Oct 2013 / Opinion, Review

Have you ever done something and then straight afterwards thought – this is it, there’s no going back, I’m so far down the Rabbit Hole that I’m beyond redemption.

Have you?

Well I …

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Willim Welfare’s “4 Cups Of Dust”

10 Sep 2013 / Review

Today sees the release of ‘4 Cups Of Dust’, the first official single and video by William Welfare (aka Willim Welsyn) taken off his upcoming debut English album “Like Mountains”, set to be released in November.

The video sees Welfare …

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The Plastics Release Occasional Lies Video

27 Aug 2013 / Review

If someone told me that I’d ever find a music video flanked by cats, cute, I would’ve questioned their sanity.

Most of us are familiar with The Plastics’ single ‘Occasional Lies’. Released to radio stations in February this year, the …

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In Review: Oppikoppi 2013

15 Aug 2013 / Review

I arrive at the gates to the belly of the BewilderBeast and I’m already pissed.

Luckily my Cray Kings have my back as we organise ourselves at Kreef.

Traipsing through a soon-to-be crime scene, I spot Corne …

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San Cisco Debut Pre-Stream

8 Jul 2013 / Review

Say hello to Australian indie pop group San Cisco.

If you were 1 of the 4.7 million people who watched the video for their single ‘Awkward’, congratulations you have great taste.

If not, allow me to introduce you …

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