>I wanna F*ROCK with you, all night – Stolen from M.J.


Library staff scare the shit outta me. I just thought I’d share that. No political commentary today I promise, I just don’t have it in me. Although I am in talks with a good friend of mine to start my own video puppet-showesque blog featuring Julius and Jacob called, “Why Tango when you can Toitoi?” Think South Park Saddam and Satan and you get the idea.

After an exhausting night last night at The Shack celebrating the completion of May’s LMG issue, Mike, Pope, The Omeganator and I all returned home to our respective homes and beds like the rockstars we all know we are. It was a tough feat dragging myself out of bed at 7 this morning for that tut. Will thank the Brazilians for that java later.

So it’s Friday again, whoopee!! Pope and the boys are playing at Corner Bar tonight. Should be fun. I unfortunately will not be in attendance due to a lovely prearranged dinner with Smedy – and the Italians. Who bring wine, always.

F*ROCK tomorrow. Should be even more fun. The lineup goes a little something like this, The Parlotones, aKING, The Dirty Skirts, Taxi Violence and Crash Car Burn (remember the blond dude from Tweak, yeah that guy) oh and then a whole lot of other smaller bands, because Premier Attraction rock like that and want to even out the spectrum a little more I suppose. Other bands include When Karma Sleeps, The Undefined, Kings of Vegas and Chasing Friday. I have my opinion on this but I don’t feel like people bashing today coz I’m in a really good mood. But I will say this, I do think Reburn deserve to be on this bill because of how super hard their manager/booking agent/cash cow is working to get them into, not ONTO but into lineups. We’ll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I’m super amped!

Tickets are R 200 (presold) R 230 (gate) R 175 (student) and R 300 (VIP)

Honestly, I think this is quite steep. Tickets from RAMFEST were R300 for an entire weekend. But hey, I am only a lowly gonzo journalist and I do what I can. Gates open at 6pm.

BWAHAHAHA!! Get ready to F*ROCK. I find that hilarious.