>In die skaduwee brand Suid Afrika – Fokof


I honest to god am so tired of all this election crap. The newest issue of the Varsity newspaper came out today. Guess who was on the cover? Julius Malema. Ugly fuck.

I just want tomorrow to come so I can make my mark on that piece of paper for the DA and then I can go home and sleep the rest of the day. There was no other candidate for me other than Helen Zille. She’s white and she’s a woman. We have these things in common. I like how she works a room. I like her policies. I like what she stands for. And god knows if my vote is going to help the ANC keep their dirty hand off the Western Cape, then it’s going to go towards someone who deserves it. Not some freak who will jump into bed with the ANC or whoever else first chance they get and form a coalition.

Fact: The last time my mother voted was in the 1994 elections, as a white woman. After those elections she lost her job. She has been without a stable one ever since.

Fact: Tomorrow will be the first time my mother has voted since 1994. She won’t tell me why.

I have to vote. Everyone keeps telling me I need to vote. So then why do I still feel like my vote (in the grander scheme of things) is completely useless and it won’t help keep Jacob Zuma from running this country into the ground.

As you can tell, I am incredibly pessimistic today. Viva Suid Afrika.