>As August looms for you, I’ll wait for June – Ashtray Electric


So I just wrote an entire post and I now I have to redo the entire thing. Joy.

Passed out on my bed last night while working on my final essay and woke up this morning with a photocopied secondary source from “To the lighthouse” stuck to my chest. I then proceeded to spill coffee all over myself and miss my 7:30 Jammie. Apparently there were other people AKA Mr Fantastic, who had worse mornings. Go figure. Loaded “Bonjour” onto my iPod and I hate to admit, but it’s helping me through the week. Although I’ve listening to “Heartbeat” so many times that I think I’m beginning to over analyze the lyrics. “Change me and I’ll change your heart/Call it quits/ Please die.” Exceptionally evil and menacing undercurrents there, if you ask me. This is what happens to me after four cups of coffee… I had to make up for that first vital cup which I spilt.

So Taxi Violence are in the Kill City studios busy recording their new album. And they’re keeping a little Facebook blog which they update regularly/daily (which is more that I can say for this one). Jason’s got some writing chops. Impressive. Definitely worth a read. So until this album is complete, I guess I’ll just have to pick up a copy of aKING’s “Against All Odds” and figure out what all the fuss is about. Inggs wasn’t very impressed, but she’s now admitted that it’s growing on her. Kinda like the music video *shudder* I take that back.

I think I stole this pic of Jason and Rian hard at work from Filipa Domingues, yes I did. I love it.

Anyway, I read the first “Against All Odds” CD review online and despite the Eddie van Halen typo (I laughed my ass off for at least five minutes) it’s not too bad. I make my judgment like this: I’ve only heard too tracks off the album, but I feel like I already know what I’m going to get. More poetry, naturally, but something that’s going to have a Bruce Springsteen feels or more classic rock edge to it. My mother phoned me yesterday and told me to put on the radio because there was and I quote “the most beautiful song on the radio, the man sounds like he came straight off the Woodstock stage.” It was aKING’s new single “Heart of a Fool.” True story.

Back to Virginia Woolf and post-impressionism. Gees.