>I’m always suckered in to going out with open rubber arms – aKING


Yesterday was too insane for words. But that’s never stopped me from describing my shenanigans before…

Having only managed 4 hours sleep, I somehow managed to suffer through my English exam which UCT decided to schedule at 8am (who the hell is up at that time I have no frikkin’ idea) and then proceeded to study, or slave away as I like to call it, the entire day in the library before hopping on over to sound check at Zula with Ashtray Electric and 3rd World Spectator. No, I am not a musician, god forbid, so let me explain what I mean by sound check…

I used to work for a company called Boudoir Live Productions, who have scheduled some kickass gigs over the next few months *Foto Na Dans & Sleepers – 5th June* and now I do the odd freelance gig here and there. I won’t lie, there are times when I miss my crazy boss and our 2×2 office, but enough sentimentality.

Considering the typhoon that decided to visit Town last night, I was very impressed with the turnout at Zula, which unfortunately lacked somewhat while 3rd World were performing. These Stellies boys impressed me so much that if I’d had more money in my pocket, or in my back account for that matter, I would’ve bought them several rounds of drinks. Lead singer Peter Crawford has a vocal range that, off the top of my head, I can’t really think of any other local lead singers who can match it, and his vocal warm-ups really are that. None of this, before-a-gig-I-have-to-look-like-I’m-doing-something-therefore-I-fake-a-few-vocal-excercises, bullshit. He’s got the same haunting and at times melodramatic timbre that Matthew Bellamy has and the band’s general sound is much harder than any band I’ve heard open for Ashtray before. The juxtaposition worked though. High five Rudi. It’s been a while since I’ve turned to Inggs and gone, “Wow.” Usually, if I’m that impressed, you’ll get one or two poignant words like “Wow” out of me. It’s a negative tell-tale sign when I start verbally rambling things that don’t make that much sense.

Anyway, there was half a riff of one of their songs that echoed that of Foo Fighters one in “Pretender” if my ears serve me correctly, and it has to be said that these boys gel very well for a band that have only been swopping dirty jokes for a year. What do 9 out of 10 people like? I am not going to dignify this joke with an answer here. Thank you Justin, I am forever scarred. No I’m over exaggerating; it’s nothing a Jagie won’t cure. Next time. Oh and their bassist is very sexy. Are you happy now Geran? I will upload photos soon to prove my statement.

Ashtray brought their own sound engineer, their own merch person and I have to admit, Rudi made me feel quite useless as an organiser because he had everything pretty much sorted. Who needs that day job, huh? Anyway after enthusing how much I love their new CD “Bonjour” cross my heart I really do, Ashtray pulled off another stellar performance (with slightly better sound this time) and it was very welcoming hearing “Swing” again, which they didn’t play at the Assembly gig. Still my favourite Ashtray track by a mile. And the little dance which we’ve termed the “wind ’n grind” that Andre usually does in the middle of those up-tempo songs is too adorable for words. If you’ve seen them know which one I’m talking about. And if you haven’t seen them, shame on you. The guys also all really looked as though they were enjoying themselves onstage and even though Long Street had all but frozen under the weather conditions, at the end of their set, it was like a sauna inside Zula. Nice one boys.

After the gig I was all amped for a party, but I think my day caught up with me and I faded before 1 o’clock . This is a very serious matter, one which I would not dare to joke about. And so I left everyone to become one which their alcoholism, while I became one with my new linen.

Tonight is Van Coke Kartel at Mercury. There will be NO fading.