>Monday, Monday, so good to me: I’m the gun against your head


Okay so Pope and the boys have come up with a nice little way to get to know their fans a little better and the concept is way too ingenious for me not to comment on it. For those of you who don’t know, Pope is the lead singer of a local band called The Ragdolls. It’s the band that, come a certain time of the evening during a performance they decide to pour Jagermeister down the throats of the willing. Yeeeees. THAT band.

So before they jet off to Joburg for a little middle of the year tour, they’re putting on an extra special gig at Zula. Trust me, you wanna come to this gig. Bottom line basically, you buy a R20 ticket, get entered into a raffle and if you win, you win the party of a lifetime. All expenses paid. And you’ll probably either wake up missing a kidney or in jail. I reckon it’s my destiny to win this raffle. What do you think?

Checkout the Facebook invite here and RSVP.