>Monday, Monday, so good to me.


Ah Monday, my favourite day of the week. It’s also the start of the first official week of May. And the first week of normalcy after all those crazy public holidays last month. Oh and on Saturday we’ll have our first doos/alleged rapist/doos (I needed repeat this to achieve the desired effect) for a president. Don’t we all feel so much better now? Well at least it’s a gorgeous day.

Most of this weekend was a blur. Blame it on the (insert word here if you claim to know me). So because of this I have decided to not drink for an entire week. Oh no it is not the first of April let me assure you and this time I am serious. Not one drop of Jack. Not one drop of wyn. Niks. Tonight is Monday, which means Mercury. I ain’t going nowhere. I’m staying at home with Virginia Woolf and my 2 essays due Friday. I have a hunch this newfound sobriety will last til then.

So Lil picked me up on Friday with good coffee intentions, but fortunately we both looked way too hot to waste our Country Road boots and red lipstick on Lola’s so we decided to hop on over to Assembly for that UCT RAG launch your band thingymabobby. We got there in time to hear the last band in competition, Reburn. Guess who won, Reburn. Voting occurred via Facebook and apparently no money changed hands. If anything fishy did happen I’ll get to the bottom of it. I am a UCT student after all. But all-in-all the event was very well organised and the guys at Assembly worked it out nicely.

Cassette, fast forward – bad joke – but I was seeing double by the time Taxi Violence came on and Lil kept handing me Jacks so it really did nothing to help my state. Plus I was standing right in front of Rain’s amp so I was half deaf and couldn’t hear George’s vocals properly, even though I was trying my best croon along when George tipped his microphone in my direction. Good times. I honestly wanted to do a proper review of Taxi, but nothing I will be able to write now will do them justice, so I guess I’ll put that baby on ice til the next gig. Jagermeister. Tequila (WTF). Shack time. And some other time, but no one really wants to hear about that.

Saturday was Kings Of Vegas at Zula. I was late again. Italian time, it’s a bitch. Once again, I’m going to reserve my comments until I can do these boys justice. God knows I haven’t been that kind to them in the past. But their album is coming and I am very, very, very stoked to hear it. For those of you who don’t know, the boys are in the Bellville Studios with Charlie and Theo and after aKING overstayed their welcome while recording, KOV can finally start making tracks. Pope’s been chewing my ear off at how much they’ve improved and after Saturday night I couldn’t agree more.

Oh yes, the new LMG is out too. No contributions from me this month, but that is how the cookie crumbles. Besides, this is the first issue in a while I’ve really enjoyed reading, purely because it’s got some amazingly good pieces in it. Oh and everyone who’s been blabbing about how LMG is a biased white rock publication can now shut the fuck up because we have our first Black Woman on the cover. Oh yes. We do. Look out for LMG content going online very soon.

Black Porcelain

Lekker dag.

And can anyone tell me what the hell is going on with my blog page that my links have suddenly become underlined and neon? I’m all about the layout/presentation and this just looks kak. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Eish.

Oh and Inggs, happy 21st belated. Eks so lief vir jou miesie. Rooiwyn en sigarette altyd.