>Show me the way to the next whiskey bar – The Doors


So this has been some morning. Up at 6:00, caught the Jammie at 7:00ish, made it to English before 8:00 which was followed by a frustrating media seminar – but with first class passes and then an impromptu Sex lecture (yes they offer Sex at tertiary education level as a course) where I sat with Smedy listening to why the Vampire is considered a culturally sexually icon due to the power, intimacy and otherness that has been attributed to it since its legend and literary makers spun it out of nothing. Fascinating I tell you. And I don’t even do the course.

Tomorrow is aKING at Klein Libertas. Naturally I will be in attendance however unless Hennie decides to strip onstage, I don’t think I’m going to have anything fresh to say. But aKING has never disappointed me before so this remains to be seen.

In theatre news, UCT’s Drama Department with the help of Yawazzi Theatre Productions, are putting on a production of Hamlet which opens on the 16th of May. If Shakespeare were alive, I’d be one of his groupies purely because I deserve to have a sonnet written about my escapades. Alas he is not and I will just have to do with the plays he has left me (emphasis on ME) behind. In this production they’re doing things a little differently though. If you’re interested, check out the Facebook event here for extra info.

Not feeling too fantastic about the rest of this week. And my newfound sobriety is killing me.