>But Friday, never hesitate – The Cure


Call me crazy, but I wasn’t really looking forward to a month in London. I know, mental right? But after this week and all the nonsense that went down, I’ve completely changed my mind and after receiving a phone call from my better half last night to finalise arrangements, everything finally fell into place. Only fifteen more days. In the words of Inggs “Oh yessssss”. And this time there will be no breakdown on the cold titles in the middle of the Dali exhibition, blubbing over my burst, weeping, and blistered feet. Perhaps one day I’ll dedicate a post to all those lovely Turkish men who came to my rescue that day. God bless Turkey.

This was possibly the most unproductive week I’ve had so far this year. I have my last exam on Thursday and I haven’t really picked up a book. But this matters not, because tonight is Foto na Dans and the Sleepers at Zula. I love the thought of these two alternative bands playing together. Inggs has decided she’s going to secure her interests by going to Dorpstraat to watch Mr Cat and the Jackal. She says she’ll come through later. Or perhaps she’ll end up in Durbanville. Latter.

But for now? Who knows. Perhaps some Section 16 of the Constitution will keep me busy. Highlight of my morning? Finding my Goldfish album. Somehow Goldfish’s music has different connotations in Winter.

Do you see that little “b” at the bottom. That’s for Boudoir. Not the biscuit, the Production Company. It makes me so proud.