>Hey, you, Mrs I don’t know what the fuck your name is – Limp Bizkit


The human race is a disgrace. I could go into detail here (and I will) but basically, when a certain amount of alcohol is consumed, it seems as though all morals are lost. When you are a slut, you are a slut. Whether you are a man, or a woman, it matters not. However last night I lost the plot completely (after swearing to turn over a new leaf yesterday) and slapped the shit (this might be an over exaggeration but we’ll see how she feels tomorrow) out of a buddy who I don’t think knows any better considering this wasn’t the first time. Fingers crossed. Do I feel good about it? Hell no. But I thought that it needed to be done. Who am I to make these kinds of decisions? No one. If you have a problem with it, you know where to reach me. Seems I’ve been doing a lot of slapping lately.

I miss Smedy. I miss Luke. I miss the normalcy of life. I despise what is going on at the moment and I despise these emo posts. I want to talk about rainbows and avant-garde idealism and squeaky clean people, but unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of these lately. On the up side, Wednesday is aKING at Assembly. YAY! Something to look forward to. Finally.

Side note to Mr Fantastic: you are not the lesbian saviour (this was too good to not quote). Are you trying to start a weird fraternal cult by scoring every one in Cape Town? If you have a problem with this, you know where to reach me.

I will post something more upbeat later when I’m in the mood.