>Just a cigarette gone, no you couldn’t be that far – The Script


Van Coke Kartel are getting their acoustic on at Zula tonight. It’s a set which is really something that you should experience once, if at all, purely because it’s sits in total contrast to one of their snot/spit/wave of manic debauchery that most people are used to. Read my gig review of their intimate session at Aandklas earlier this year here to get a better feel vir wat ek se. I didn’t really go into that much detail because I was very pissed that night. Que sera, sera. Plus I’m feeling much better today, with the exception of my chesty cough, so I’ve decided that I’ll put in an appearance as I make this my last gig in Cape Town for a month.

Also, what the hell is up with this weather??? The freshly-cut-grass smell of the air is making my nostrils hurt. I can also see a nice cloud of smog hanging over the mountains in the distance but hey, it’s all good. After the 3 course meal that my Bunny cooked me last night, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. And all my loose ends have finally been tied up (so long Fantastic, have a great life). I’ve also been through my checklist a million and one times and it seems as though I have all the essentials. Carton of Malboros and Passport. Check. I also have a little bit of cash but I reckon if I do go and buy that Dolce and Gabbana handbag and blow it all in one day, then I can always busk right? I really do have a great singing voice, contrary to what I front in public.

So Van Coke Kartel tonight. Taxi Violence tomorrow. And you can take the Sabbath for a little bit of well disserved R ’n R. Because honestly, what else is there to do? You gonna take your ass to Clifton 4th and go for a swim? That’s what I thought…

Van Coke Kartel. Yes Indeed.

Also, after I stopped laughing about the fact that Wigga bought Beach a trip the Thailand (bwahahahaha. Beach. Thailand) for her 23rd birthday, I’m now mildly jealous. One day when I marry for money, I’ll have one up on you lady…


Also, how the hell did Egypt beat the Italians last night? I fail to comprehend this…