>Monday, Monday, so good to me.


The church service was beautiful. And Stiney managed to pull off the dodgiest YDE dress I’ve ever seen in my life and make it look as though it was a suitable Confirmation outfit. And then when the priest gave his sermon, he asked the various Confirmation candidates if they could name the most important miracle which Jesus performed at which I almost jumped up outta my pew shouting “WATER TO WINE!!” Nobody could give him an answer. He went through half the candidates and still no one could give him an answer. Until some premature alcoholic said “Water into wine,” at which time my mother looked at me and shook her head.

This service was followed by a gorgeous dinner at The Hildebrand, where I entertained Stiney’s friends with tales of my dodgy school days and then fought with Nonna about which grandchild she loves more. I lose this race by a mile. Trust me. Even if I’m the first grandchild to pop out a few kids, I’m still screwed.

Then I got home and couldn’t sleep so I potted around on Wikipedia a bit, read another chapter of The Heroin Diaries and listening to some Buena Vista Social Club, which put me in the mood to party at about 3 o’clock. I only got to bed at about 5 and today I have no lus to do anything today besides maybe some reading. Oh and I wanted to upload these pics of 3rd World Spectator that Paulie took. He’s quite the good photographer. I had to make other arrangements in Inggs absence. Goddamit.

Justin Versfeld

Geran Steyn

The new LMG is the shit. Naturally, I’m going to think it’s great, but the whole “DJ’s are musicians too” is an article which I think is long overdue. And it also seems as though writers are falling over themselves to write for LMG now. Mike’s got this down to a fine art now. Perhaps this is an article within itself? Hmmmmm. Pick up a copy at your nearest bar/restaurant/club. Plus now that it’s out I can post my CD review of “Bonjour” on here.

Otherwise, it’s a beautiful, somewhat chilly day. Enjoy.