>Monday, Monday, so good to me: Bonjour CD Review.


Gorgeously packaged like a chocolate in a shiny wrapper, with photos courtesy of Liam Lynch and design by Pierre Coetzee, this CD/DVD is a tasty little treat. The lyrics of each individual song are gorgeously introspective, with Andre digging deep into his psyche to pull out lyrics like “Sheets are cold/No one’s tending to the victim tonight/Every one has a loved one/They’re willing to hide” which incidentally comes from a track called “Seasons” that has star single quality stamped all over it.

You fly through track 1 to 5 on a musical and lyrical high, with some beautiful opening riffs courtesy of Rudi that make songs like “Seasons” and “New One” instantly recognizable and memorable, however “Lia” is slightly unconvincing. Apparently written as an ode to a future daughter (think Heuwels “Leja”) I’m not too sure about the vocals on this track. But the pace is immediately regained by “Pedgio” which is a quintessentially Ashtray and has the same toe-tapping effect as “Gallop” does.

“When Sex Becomes a Sport” is the final track off the album and rounds it off with perfect melodic ease. You would never expect such delicate and insightful lyrics to be written by a 20 year old. But then again his band mates do describe lead singer and songwriter Andre as an “old soul” on the DVD, which consists of a short documentary titled “Lead me to the sea” as well as the music video and making of “Quite Overstared”. Without any doubt and hesitation, one of my preferred CDs so far this year.

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