>Monday, Monday, so good to me – Covent Garden Street Performers


I don’t want to talk about my Emirates experience. In fact, I’d like to just forget about it completely as I arrived unbelievably jetlagged and totally ravenous (because really, who the hell eats airplane food??) with bloodshot eyes from the 300 movies that I watched. I’m seriously not kidding. Fast forward a really good night’s sleep and a couple of shots of strong espresso I’m sitting in some dodgy underground internet café, where they charge you one pound for an hour (I say “pound” because I cant find the sign on the keyboard) run by some terribly good-looking Ukrainians. Hmmmm.

Just came from a yummy Pret lunch with the Cuz who had to go back to work so I decided to randomly walk around Trafalgar Square before finding my way to Covent Garden. I adore Covent Garden, even though the cobblestone streets don’t seen to be my friend. Then I got stuck watching some street performers in the piazza. The one guy from New Zealand looked like the gay hobbit from Lord of the Rings, Sam – oh common, he’s totally gay – and the other Jamaican dude doing dodgy back flips over some terrified looking children didn’t seem very interested in much so I left and went back to the hobbit, who had now started juggling knives. So naturally, I gasp really loudly and put my hands over my mouth because I’m pessimistic like that. At which point the dude singles me out in the crowd as goes “Madam, covering your mouth won’t stop your eyes from working.” Thanks douchebag. Directly after that, the blade to one of his knifes slipped out of its wooden handle. And I pissed myself laughing. Almost.

So now I’m off home to get changed for some South African movie premier at the High Commission. Reason? Apparently I can’t wear shorts. Go figure.

And if you’re in Stellenbosch (like I’m not) tomorrow, I suggest you go checkout the first ever aKING acoustic show. Gotta represent you know?And for the first time, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.