>We started dancing and singing to songs with no meaning – Thieve


Well lookie lookie here. It’s Thieve’s music video for their song or “treffer” “Last Day December” off the Bellville Rock City Compilation. I like it. It’s a simple concept, with the guys standing against a blank screen while various images (explosions, trees, stars, clouds etc) are projected onto it, spilling out into the entire room and onto the band memebers. Oh fukkit. I don’t know how else to describe it. Give it a watch.

And it’s a lekker upbeat tune. I like. Someone left a comment saying that they “need to smoke a cigarette after that”. I thought this was hilarious. Now please make this song a free download so a poor student like me can download it. Asseblief. Dankie.

Look! It’s Thieve!