>All the boys go, all the boys go, all the boys go, ooo la la la – Howard Roark


I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite some time now. And when I found this video on YouTube, I took it as a sign.
So does anyone remember a little indie band called Howard Roark? A year or two ago they were gigging their pretty little asses off, were part of the Levis Young Guns competition, and were generally making very good dance worthy tunes. Things seemed to be going good. Very good in fact. And then? Well, I awoke one dark morning to find that Howard Roark had decided to all go their separate ways. WTF. Seriously?? But… WHY???
Well… who knows what really happened, but the usual rumours did the rounds in this goddam village town and even though most of us crossed our fingers that they were just being prima donnas – they weren’t. And as of this time-ish last year, they were no more. I remember attending their video launch at Assembly (before they did those renovations) and even though the sound was disgusting, I was so impressed at how well it was organised. They even got Cokey Falkow to MC the whole thing. And the place was PACKED. Not so bad for a bunch of up-and-comers. That was also the first time I saw The Pretty Blue Guns, who were about as good as the sound was on the night, but that was over a year ago, thank god, and the boys now have their feet firmly pointed in a positive direction.
Ah but I digress. Howard Roark. Yesss. So after all this hype, it was a huge disappointment for their fans. It was kinda like the favoured Olympic diver who stands on the diving board, with the entire crowd behind him, and instead of doing a perfect ten diving thingymabob, he does a skin splitting belly flop. Ouch.
So what are we all left with? Where’s the Howard Roark legacy? It’s right here in this little gem of a music video for a song called ‘You Got The Moves’ that they premiered that night at Assembly. I always kinda wondered why it was never premiered on MK and then the other day I bumped into my Patty Poo and he told me that the video was “leaked” to MK somehow. Hmmm. And that nobody knows how. Really? It is quite bittersweet though seeing this video now. I’m not too sure what Jimmy Page lookalike James (ex-lead guitar) is up too, however the fact that this video is doing the rounds is great publicity for Chris (ex-drums) and Patrick (ex-bass) and then Nigel (ex-vocals), who’s recently released his new video on MK. And still nobody knows how this video ended up on Hoordosis? Really now…
So those of us who were clever enough (or stupid, I’m not sure) to buy a Howard Roark ‘It’s summer time!!’ t-shirt, are consoled by our black and orange momento. And it’s a shame, because we can only speculate as to what might have been. Enjoy this video. I can’t get enough.
The next time you’re at Mystic Boer in Stellies, keep an ear open for this song. They refuse to take it off the playlist.