>Monday, Monday, so good to me: Can you handle what I’m about to do?


I love Adam Lambert. Even though his career was spawned by that cringe worthy American reality singing show. He’s disgustingly talented and gorgeous. And he’s got the guts to be exactly what he is – only with a lot more makeup than the average man. So last night at the American Music Awards, Adam Lambert closed the show with his new single, ‘For Your Entertainment’. For your entertainment indeed. In essence it wasn’t really a spectacular vocal showcase, but it was the visual spectacle that has subsequently raised a few eyebrows this morning.
And as can be expected with his “unrehearsed smooch” with one of the male backup dancers, he’s pissed off some conservative Americans – probably the ones who let their kiddies stay up late to watch Taylor ‘butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth’ Swift scoop all those awards. Grrrr. I really don’t get this. Katy Perry metaphorically kisses a girl and gets a number 1 hit. Lambert kisses a boy and people are outraged. Goddam homophobes.
But kudos to Lambert, he’s either really smart, or has some very clever people behind him (no pun intended here) because the general public are going to be talking/twittering about him, just like that Madonna-Britney shebang as few years back, for a good few days. And that kind of publicity you just can’t buy.
Enjoy his performance below. It’s slightly out of sync and the kiss is breezed through rather quickly, but you get the general idea.