>Monday, Monday, so good to me: It’s always blood or glitter with you.


New Moon fever people, New Moon fever. Let’s all just run with it, shall we? After all, this movie did make more in its opening weekend in America than any other movie this year. Personally, I wouldn’t go near the books. They can stay the hell away from me. Harry Potter was about as far as it went. It will not go any further. Now I won’t lie, I secretly loved the first Twilight movie and even though I haven’t seen the sequel yet, I would totally pay the gazillion rand for the price of an admissions ticket. I draw the line at picking up a black koki and scrawling TEAM EDWARD across a t shirt though. Again, ain’t gonna happen.

But as with most things that I really smaak, I sadistically enjoy taking the piss out of it – think Heuwels and that Braai Day Song – especially if it’s based upon something as retarded as a sparkly, sullen vampire and a buff Indian werewolf.

Check this. And appreciate it.

Also, checkout the soundtrack track listing for New Moon here. Muse. Thom Yorke. Bon Iver. The Killers. Editors. HELL YES. Now this is a quality soundtrack. Finally. Also, the title of this post comes from an aKING song called ‘Blood or Glitter’ off thier most recent offering ‘Against All Odds’. It was shuffled onto my playlist oh so appropriately while I was writing this. Hysterical. 
And then finally, the once-legendary Duran Duran wrote a song called ‘New Moon on Monday’. Honestly, it’s kinda crap, just like this little tidbit of info.
Lekker dag.