>You got that hair slicked back and those wayfarers on, baby – The Ataris


I’m loving this new Weezer song. It’s so quintessentially  American. Summer of 69 stuff, if you know what I mean. Also, I always find that the closer to summer it gets, the happier I get and I start doing insanely random things like quoting the Ataris. Hmmm.
Anyway, if you haven’t clicked on the latest pic to the right, do so now. And then listen to the first song on Weezer’s Myspace. It’s a breezy, uptempo choon and has a shit hot drum loop and some nice guitar riffs thrown into the mix. It’s stuff that’s guaranteed to get you dancing around your room – kinda like Smedy and I did on Monday night after a bottle of Beyerskloof pinotage and a few Jagies. Sometimes I like to imagine that I’m a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. That is until I break a bone or two. Good times.
I can’t get enough of Michael Lavine’s work. Gorgeous.
Oh and Ashtray Electric are working on some new choons and they also have a blog. Click to see how busy these boys are over the next month. It’s craziness. Now I would say “follow the blog bitches” but unfortunately there is no follow option. So um, bookmark it? And if you’re craving a midweek jol, my pick would be Farryl Adams and the Little Sinners tonight at Mercury.