>You be the hope and I’ll be the fate – Zebra & Giraffe


First Day December. And no, I did not forget to leave out the “of”. Thieve fans will understand this reference. Planning for Avontoer has begun. Inggs and I are about to channel the spirit of Neal and Jack (NOT Sal even though they are the same person) and go on the road for a week or so. I guess the only difference is we’re not hitchhiking anywhere. Not a goddam chance. I want to be alive for Honours thank you very much.
Now the MK Award Nominations were announced on the weekend. I really don’t feel like listing them all. But I will say this Die Heuwels Fantasties, Soweto Gospel Choir, HHP (our country’s very own Sean Kingston) & JR were nominated for the braai song. Huh? Why would I lie about this. “Not a cloud in the sky only, flames in our eyes… As if everybody seems to know what time it is, time for a braaaaai.” AAAAAA.
But my FAVOURITE. They have a category called “Skinny Jeans Tune”. I’ve been laughing since I woke up this morning and this category didn’t make it any better. But wait there’s more, check the bands nominated… Ashtray Electic/eF-eL/Pretty Blue Guns/Taxi Violence (a skinny jean band????)/Zebra & Giraffe. This is so disgustingly stereotypical it’s unbelievable. Eish.
Checkout all the nominations here. And If Fokof don’t win Best Video for ‘Antibiotika’ I will stop drinking Jack Daniels. Too presumptuous? I think not.
Oh and um, someone who obviously thinks they were a rockstar in their previous life and is still trying to channel that energy got The Ragdolls logo/emblem thingy tattooed basically on their ass. Pope was sending me pics messages yesterday while the chick was getting it done. I have my thoughts on this. I shall reserve them.
And finally… My New Moon cartoon yesterday was lame in comparison to this one. I received an email with about 20 of these in it from someone who would rather not be mentioned on this blog, for fear of being massacred by Twihards I suppose? Hmmm. Anyway, I’m going to post one of my hand few favourites every day for the rest of the week for your enjoyment. Seriously. This made my day.
Midweek break madness at Zula tomorrow with Pretty Blue Guns and Saintfealess. Tango tango with a gin in hand.