>Let’s stitch things up and kiss goodnight – Zebra & Giraffe


This weekend was KAK busy. Friday I made a mish to The Wild West with Mikey and R to Shameless to see The Ragdolls and The Sleepers. 357s played too. Jaaa. Anyway, what’s really strange about The Nameless Pub is the fact that (even with a huge outdoor area) if you sit inside, you can’t hear above the playlist. This means, you’re so absorbed in your conversation that whoever is playing outside is not going to tempt you to get up off your ass and support the band you paid R20 or whatever to listen to.
The Ragdolls had the best showing. My Eiffel Tower boys came to support Pope et al who had a good, solid set. R wasn’t a happy chappy because she lent her guitar and an extra helping of sentimental value to The Dolls on tour and it came back with a lekker bang/dent in it. I stood there trying to figure out who the guilty culprit might have been. Casper? Or perhaps “personality of a pea”? Ah I jest. No not really. Management even offered to buy R a new one. [I say get it fixed buddy. End.Of.Story]
And then most people disappeared to the bar to the dismay of everyone left to watch The Sleepers. WHYYYY??? This band is stellar. Adjectives don’t really do them justice – I know, I’ve tried to write about them. It’s not an easy feat.  A half-empty venue only further proved what I’ve been saying for a while – these guys are professionals. And like when Taxi returned from Germany and played their first gig Stones (???), The Sleepers played Shameless like it was packed. HEPA.  
Saturday was Half Price’s Album Launch at Albert Hall. I’m writing a little something something in LMG for that, so the less said the better. And then Sunday was Zebra & Giraffe at Kirstenbosch with Inggs. Now I did a little once-over on this blog and I realised that I’ve never actually said anything about Zebra & Giraffe on here. Why not? Not too sure really. So I decided I’d be proactive and do just that. Read about it here when Mikey gets round to uploading it. I actually really like this piece. And I want Alan’s lime green fender. Sexay.
Lead guitarist Alan Shenton. I swear it’s lime green.
Also, the LMG competition to win RAMFEST tickets has been extended til Thursday. See post below and VOTE. It’ll take you 5 minutes.Okay? Okay.