>Standing by the window, lighting up a cigarette – City Bowl Mizers


So I’m chilling in front of my lap top, having forsaken MK for the radio today and what tune comes on? Flash Republic and Foto na Dans’ (aka Dans Republic) ‘Afrikaans’. Sound familiar? It’s the song to your right that, if you click on the picture, you can download free of charge. It’s also number 1 on the MK Top 10 at the moment. And now it’s been playlisted on 5fm and it’s got a pretty solid music video to boost. Granted, the lyrics are not grade A genius, [I wanna know should we take a chance, vat ‘n kans, ek wil sing in Afrikaans. Staan op, dans] but the fact that you get to hear Tamara Dey sing in Afrikaans and Le Roi sing in English is basis enough for me to love it. Crossover genius. Hopefully we’ll get to hear/see more of this kind of collaboration.
7th Son have a new music video out. Check it here. Sexay. They’re also playing Zula on Saturday if you’re in Long Street at all. I’ll be at the Albert Hall in Woodstock for Half Price’s album launch. The black lung should be gone by then. Woo hoooo. 
The dude in the red shorts is the ex-lead guitarist from Half Price and a crazy mofo. Love you Rene.
I now have to go make myself look presentable for the outside world.
I miss the City Bowl Mizers. AAA.