>Take a bow for the new revolution – The Who


So you like reading this blog, do you? Of course you do, otherwise why the heck would you come here. Unless it’s to stalk me. Then I understand. But this is besides the point… I don’t usually ask you children to do anything. Most of you are passive and non-commenting silent observers. This is awesome, but today I’d like you to do something. For me. For you. And for Your LMG, you know, that publication I write for? I think I may have mentioned it once or twice.
Anyway, you also stand in line to win free RAMFEST tickets when you do this. I’ll type this again – FREE RAMFEST TICKETS. All you have to do is answer these questions:
What were your TOP 3 local bands of 2009?
The Best Festival?
The Best Album?
The Best Live Act?
And your favourite LMG Reviewer/Writer (hardy har har)

And after you’ve answered these questions, you need to email your pics to feedback@yourlmg.com with the subject line BEST OF 2009. You have 2 days in which to get your pics in. We wanna know what you think, because after all, we do write for your own personal enjoyment. 

Managed to get the neon crack off my blog. I’m so clever sometimes. Have a lekker weekend.