>The chemicals in my brain says I like you – Yesterday’s Pupil


God knows what possessed me to go to Monday Mercury last night, but I did. And now? Now I feel like kak. The City Bowl Mizers were also around – it’s nice to see Ally’s recovered from his alcohol poisoning scare on Avontoer – and will be for a while. They play Zula Thursday and Mercury Friday before heading back to Durban. I will be checking them out, quite possibly at both gigs. I can’t help it, I have a soft spot for their cherry pie tunes. I shall explain the adjective at some other point.
News today? Well, for those of you who weren’t at the Stilbaai Groot Fees and don’t know, Van Coke Kartel’s supposed new line up now includes Peach ‘Sex-On-Legs’ Van Pletzen on drums and Jedd Kessow (ex Tait and 7th Son) on lead guitar, who I once rated as the best up-and-coming lead guitarist in this country. I also don’t wanna be presumptuous or anything, but this does make them the best looking band in SA. I’m a chick, these things don’t pass me by, hence my groupie article. Congrats to the boys being #1 on the MK Top 10 with ‘Voor ons stof Word’ – click here for a free download.
Other news? Let’s see… the new Ashtray Electric music video is quite good. I can’t find it anywhere on the net so I can’t put it here or even post a link to it. Lame. And a word to the wise, please don’t type ‘When Sex Becomes a Sport’ into any search engine. I had to learn this the hard way.
And if you haven’t seen this Straatligkinders music video for their hit tune ‘Die Avontuur van ‘n Hartbreek’ (The Adventure of a Heartbreak) already – it won Best Video at the MK Awards this year, where Straatligkinders also won Best Group and Best Kampus Hit with this song  –  I urge you to check it out. Right now. It’s appeal? It’s shot half on an x-ray machine. Genius.