>Want spyt steel tyd van die Avontuur – Straatligkinders


Die 4de MK Avontoer is verby. And my liver in still intact, although I think that my blood stream has been replaced with Robertson Sweet Rosé Wine. I kid you not. More importantly, I’ve fallen completely and utterly in love – with the N2, Jeffery’s Bay Backpackers, and my new favourite favourites from Potch, The Straatligkinders. Did you think it was another kind of love? Ah please. You bitches know me better than that…  But seriously, expect to hear a hellaofalot about these boys on this here blog in the future.
I’m going to have to start at the beginning (Stilbaai) with this one, but as usual I have to wag vir Inggs to do work her photographic magic before I can provide you children with the proper visual aids. They’re worth the wait, however frikkin’ long it might take. In the meantime, click on the pick of the Straatligkinders to hear/see their scremo version of Kurt Darren’s lietjie ‘Kaptein’. Genius.
So now I’m going to try and scrub the permanent marker off my body (like I said, visual aids will be provided) and perhaps attempt to roll a rolly to ease the Avontoer comedown. Honestly, it’s awful. And even though Inggs and I weren’t on the bus (why we passed on that ek kan nie glo nie) we managed to get in a sufficient amount of tight spots without ending up killing each other. Although I think on New Years we came pretty close to tearing each other to pieces. However it was New Years, so I might have drunkenly/purple hazedly imagined the whole thing. I hope you had a cracking one.
And speaking of New Years, out with the old… “Monday, Monday” title posts are no more. Time to be original.

Also, did I mention that I’m utterly in love with the Straatligkinders? Oh I did? Okay then…