>Whiskey on my clothes, I’m bad news – Camouflage


I’m all about Wrestlerish today. Granted, the first time I saw them I was quite the bitch and I earned myself a few strikes against my name – but it was a crap venue, the sound was awful and to be really honest, I had somewhere else to be. Since then Wresterlish have been making quite a name for themselves around the country and when I first heard ‘Bad News’ the first single off their to-be-launched-tonight album ‘The Rude Mechanical’, I was in another room and without nowing who was on the TV, I thought the quality of the choon was impressive and the melody, catchy. Seriously. Claws in people. I’m not being nice because they’ve garnered some sort of following now. I’m simply eating my words and being – well – honest. It’s how I roll.
Here’s their music video to get you in the mood.

So Mercury plays host to their album launch tonight and even though there are twenty things happening tonight (trance parties at castles, Reburn at Purple Turtle, Fokof doing that thing at Rondebosch boys high, ETC Crew at Zula), I reckon this one might be the winner.
Wrestlerish will be supported by Ashtray Electric – and my friends The Lottery Tickets. Remember the last time I reviewed them? Remember the backlash? No? Let me refresh your memory.
So if I don’t see your pretty little faces there, then I’ll catch you at The Shack. If Aguilera’s working, I’ll be at his bar. If not, I’ll be staggering around. Happy National Cleavage Day. HEPA.