>Come to the city on a Saturday night – Kaiser Chiefs


The last couple of days have been lank crazy. And I don’t have Inggs to ground me (ahem) so I’ve been like a goddam loose cannon. Thursday – shack. Friday – Purple Turtle  for 7th Son/Pinkertons/Kombat Fudge and the Assembly  for Steve Aoki and then Shack. Shite.
Tonight. Ah yes tonight. Chances are @mvelasep and I are going to get mighty crunk. I haven’t really been formally invited, but I’m going to “force my wors”. Someone said that last night and I thought it was too classic/disgusting to not repeat. Also, the new LMG is out. It looks like this.
Pick it up wherever you see it. I sent in most of my shit late so my only contribution – a half-a-page Curious Incident advertorial – has been relegated to the back, like a naughty child that gets sent to mull in the corner. I joke, I joke. Also, became a Facebook fan of LMG here. You know you want to.
Covering the Jazz Festival tomorrow (so stoked to see BLK JKS again) so I guess I can’t get too crunk, but I’m going to give it my best shot. See you all there, wherever there may be.