>Hierdie aand, hierdie aand is ‘n tydbom – Zinkplaat


These are exciting days in which we live. Days in which people touch other people in their studios, government has become more like a preschool playground than a platform for change and all that my supervisor for my Honours dissertation can say about my chosen topic, Oscar Wilde is, “he was gay”. Excuse me while I tear out all my hair.
But it’s things like this that make living a little more worthwhile.
The Revelators will be joined by The Bone Collectors (nice) and Macheneri (hot). I cannot wait for this. For those of you in Stellies, get yourself to Aandklas on the 15th May. For those of you in town Mercury on the 22nd May. And for diehards – both. I will be at both. I think I’ve said this before, but not since the early days of Loedi and Taxi Violence have I been this excited about a band and their kickass choons. Seriaaas. 
And because this is an ALBUM LAUNCH after all, I guessing there are going to be CDs available. After all this is what usually happens at an album launch. We’re all finally going to be able to take this threesome home with us. Get your mind out the gutter people…
Lekker dag.
Side note: @thefilmo ‘s dog past away this morning. If any of you know him or see him out, buy him a rum and coke to help ease the pain. Yeah I know, I’m nice like that.