>The hills are alive (you get the picture here)


It’s 2 in the morning and I’m watching ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’ – a 2006 talent search on BBC Entertainment where a panel of “experts” pick a commoner to play Maria von Trapp. Think ‘Sound of Music’. Think Julie Andrews post-Mary Poppins. And every time Andrew Lloyd Webber makes an appearance they play that dramatic intro from ‘Phantom of the Opera’. Yes, I know, I also have no fucking idea why I’m watching this.
Last week was crazy. This week’s gonna be more-a-less the same. Great. And then to add insult to injury there are a million things happening this week. Again, great.
Last week’s highlight: The Shotguns album launch at Assembly. I even managed to score an album to review for LMG. Look out for that one towards the end of the month.
Weekend highlight: City Bowl Mizers at Zula. With a nice surprise cameo by my ETC Crew boys Johnny and Martin during Captain Stu’s set. On firrre. I haven’t seen Zula that full in a really, really long time.
So I thought as a little Monday treat I’d leave you with this little feel good music video from Wrestlerish called ‘Oliver Tambourine’. It makes me want to hug a tree. Or buy a bunch of red balloons. Whichever. Cute, simple, straight, indie and to the point. Everything Monday is not. Monday is ugly, complicated, bisexual, emo and long. But this video will make everything better. I promise.


Also, since I have now become a twitter fiend, you can follow Wrestlerish here on twitter. And then while you’re at it, you can follow me too. Fantastic.