>The judge smiled as he picked up his pen, 99 in the Folsom pen – Johnny Cash


There are days when I just feel like looking at pretty things. Days when I don’t feel like writing long over-indulgent posts. Today is one of these days. Plus a had a night with the parentals watching Arsenal make a miraculous comeback to settle for a draw against Barca. There was a lot of wine involved. Today is a fragile one.
Photographer Jim Marshall died the other day at 74. Jim was a great photographer. A fantastic photographer. Rolling Stone paid tribute to him in their pages, I’ll do it here. Enjoy.
 Jimi Hendrix (whose full name was Jim Marshall Hendrix)
 Bob Dylan.
 Johnny Cash outside Folsom Prison.
Only Kieth could wear his own band’s t shirt.
Johnny Cash, again.
Black and white photography is love.
Also, since today is April Fools day, I have a treat for all of you. The biggest April Fools joke of all. In keeping with the Van Coke Kartel theme of the blog this week, here’s the newly released music video for my favourite track ‘Maniac’. [Please note my use of sarcasm here]
I’m not too sure what’s going on with this stone-age inspired flash-dance theme but I will tell you this, it’s worth watching just to see Wynand bust an 80s move in those white sunglasses. God help us all.