>Talk talk all you want, we’re doing things my way – Jax Panik


I’ve taken a quick break from my Foto na Dans album review to bring something to your attention, something which I’m sure most of you are going to love me for.
It’s almost time for that new Jax Panik album to drop. If I’m being really honest here, I’ve never been the biggest Jax Panik fan. It’s perfectly formulated pop music in my opinion, which is why it works so well, but it’s not exactly my scene. I have made a June-year resolution to broaden my musical horizon though, so here goes nothing…
Hot off the press and uploaded TODAY, this is a very quick taste of what is to come. The making of the video MTV – uuuh, I mean MK style. This song is kak catchy. And it’s going to be a huge hit. And it’s going to be everywhere so you better get used to it now. Mark these words of mine. I also reckon the video’s a little reminiscent of that Kanye/Jamie ‘Gold digger’ vibe, except with a little less pinup chicks.

Jax’s back baby.
What are your thoughts?
Thank you Gill-stix for sending me this link.