>I swear this right here is history in the making man – Kanye West


So like, remember that time when I said I’d never mention the name Kanye West on this blog again? Yeah well, I lied. A Kanye West Top 40 on MTV this weekend also made me realize that three quarters of the tunes on the Top 40 I adored at one point or another. I must face facts here…
Last night the MTV Music Video Awards took place. And Taylor Swift decided this was the perfect place to exact her revenge. For what? Uuuh, for what Kanye did to her last year. (???)
Now I’m not sure what exactly possessed her to perform this/write this song. Yes, she was well within her right but I’m willing to bet that blondie has never heard the expression “strike while the iron’s hot.” If she has, she obviously has no idea what it means.
One year later, no one gives a fuck. It’s kinda sad really.

Watch the performance below and decide for yourself. 

I reckon the two of them should just get it on already…
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