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Last night I had the most amazing dinner with Sonja Jerry and co which turned into drinking game grape Energade mania, talks of birthday piñatas and Riaan Cruywagen. Hmmm. So today I’ve taken a little time out from the theSIS debacle to bring this to your attention…
Did you go to Rocking the Daises? You did? Oh well done, but I reckon you wasted your money. Now THIS is going to be a festival worth going too. And it’s not just because I will be there. Or because LMG have their very own stage. HOS JAAA. Press Release to follow.
Synergy Live 2010
A year ago, we spent three awesome days in the sun partying with best friends, to the greatest bands, Dj’s and live acts. 2010 is your year to join the rest of the partygoers as they return for a flat-out spectacular Synergy Live 2010. Three dance-packed summer days with the top international and local acts at the legendary Boschendal Wine Estate. We’ve gone all out to bring you the best outdoor music experience this summer. Unpack your slops, sunnies, shorts and tees from their winter hiding spot as Synergy Live breaks you into summer with the 3-day festival.
It wouldn’t be a live music festival without the Main Stage, and it wouldn’t be Synergy without the Main Stage Acts. Here’s where you’ll find all the headliner acts, the centres of attention. This year’s main stage promises to keep you rocking and stomping till late into the night. With this year’s, brit-nominated, top international act, FEEDER rocking the stage, it’s definitely the main attraction this festival. Complimenting them is a line-up of over 30 of the top local bands SA has to offer. It’s hard to name a few, especially when Prime Circle, aKing, Taxi Violence, Van Coke Kartel, Fire Through The Window, Rudimentals and Foto na Dans are just the start. We suggest checking the website for the full list of bands playing.
If it’s electronic glitches and the feel of the bass vibrating through your twisting limbs that gets you moving, then the Electro-dome is exactly where you need to be. It’s where we’ve gathered the top local DJ’s, from all the best parties back home, under one dome. With all the sounds to satisfy the hungriest of festivalgoer’s, from Drum and Bass to Electro and Glitch, it’s the perfect place to let loose and go all out. AfroPunk (UK), Haezer, P.H.FAT, Bruce Willis, Kennedy, Killer Robot, El Gordo, Mix ‘n Blend, Counterstrike, Niskerone and the rest of the best, will be keeping you up and moving on the dance floor.
If you need to take it easy, stop by the Main Bar. There’s plenty of space to sit back with a cold one, enjoying some of the retro re-mixes from up and coming local acts, both live and unplugged, all playing a foot-tapping and head-bobbing mix of all things 80s, 90s, old school, funk and rock. All this goes hand in hand with our hydration experts at the bar, which has been extended and overstaffed to make sure your thirst gets quenched before you can say “I’ll have a…”
We know you can’t party on an empty stomach, and starting your mornings will be a lot easier with a cup of coffee from the Marketplace. There’s a great menu selection to suit everyone’s tastes. From the Middle East with a humble Schwarma to the Cape Malays, it’s all there. You can eat in style with a Boschendal Piqnique basket or do some wine tasting with the Franschoek valley as your front, side and backdrop. First class security and medics are on hand to help with the occasional sunburn, small bumps and bruises.
Sometimes it’s a little hard to remember everything from the party. Jog your memory with some concert collectibles. DVDs, CDs and t-shirts will all be available at the Merchandise tent. Take a walk through the arts and crafts stalls. Or charge your cell phone at the power point stations. All the memories can be taken home here.
A brand new addition to the Synergy Live experience is the Inside Outing Lounge. Here’s where you’ll find entertainment of the ‘chill’ genre. A comfy, modern, spacious chill-room plays host to live acts with a fun twist of stand-up, theatre sports, lounge acts and laughter. On Friday night and Saturday day it’s the LMG Magazine tent where upcoming bands show their stuff before the Hello Techno Team take over Saturday night: Special guests, DJs and some 3D visuals to jam to. Come relax in style and experience the unexpected.
To keep you all young at heart, childhood fun can be found at this year’s epic Fairground. Come get thrown, spun, twirled, hurled and wowed by the best circus acts and carnival rides from all around the country. A good idea would be to visit the Marketplace after your fun at the Fairground.
Driving home in the wrong state of mind is not cool. So bring your tent, put out a mattress, or recline the seats and spend the night, waking up to a sunrise in the beautiful Franschoek valley. There’s plenty of space, hot showers and toilets – tended to 24/3. All so you can stay clean, safe and most of all – comfy.

 It’s an exciting countdown to the moment you pack your cars and fill up the petrol tanks, but for now get your ticket, put it on its podium and prepare yourself for Synergy Live 2010.
All photos by Duwayne Smith.