Ramfest 2011 Roundup

My mother always told me it was important to have good manners (and clean fingernails for some arb reason) and so it’s because of her I’ve decided to make my Ramfest roundup a mini-thesis of thank yous.

Because I’m nice like that.

Thank you Kevin for charioting me up in your BMW convertible and putting up with my gin ‘n juice ways.

Thank you Sailor Jerry for keeping me sufficiently liquored throughout the festival and providing me with a scapegoat for my indiscretions.

Thank you Thursday night for ruining Friday and Saturday night with your extreme awesomeness and supply of ginger nakedness.

Thank you Ryan? Richard? No wait.. it’s Ryan. Or is it Richard? Ah fuck it.

Thank you Yo-landi Vi$$er for mooning the crowd and showing us all your bleached anus.

Thank you Branny for jumping into the pool with me before someone shat in it.

Thank you BLK JKS for a mind blowing set and some killer poly-rhythms courtesy of drummer Tshepang (and to Fox Comet’s Kyle for explaining to me what a poly-rhythm actually is).

Thank you Electro Dome, Pyramid, or whatever the fuck you were calling yourself, for keeping me up until 5 in the morning with your special brand of doof doof.

Thank you Vodka Slushie dudes for keeping me in a perpetual state of drunkeness.

Thank you Tumi for your sheer poetry, presence and musicality.

Thank you to the random divorcee at the cigarette tent who sponsered Inggs and I with booze, water, sweets and cigarettes. And yes, I can spell “rebound”.

Thank you Metal Stage for making it possible for me to see Sabretooth. I’m a convert. I also think I might want to sex lead guitarist Charles’ (pictured below) voice.

Thank you Ree-burth for living up to the motto that the show must go on, and teaching stand-in bassist Chris (the Sleepers) his lines 20 or so minutes before they were due on stage.

Thank you Zahra Robertson for not judging me too harshly for wearing black tights in +30 degree heat.

Thank you Van Coke Kartel for upping your professional game in every way possible and becoming one of the best local acts we have in this country.

Thank you Twitter for making it possible to meet @hennokruger, @liliradloff and @larry_leyden in all their drunken glory.

Thank you Not My Dog for coming back guns a blazin’ and showing those internationals how us South Africans roll. Hanu de Jong *lick*

Thank you Zee for a shit load, but mainly, for being uber chilled about the naked dude in the tent. Shot for not freaking out about the used/not used condoms too.

Thank you Devil, Cheese, Marli, Lux and everyone involved with the Mercury tent for providing me with a sanctuary that just happened to have a kickass shooter bar and pumped past 4 every morning.

Thank you Rio Allen for winning – and then losing.

Thank you Angela Weickl for rolling me copious amounts of Golden Virginia ciggies and coming back to parrrdy like a rockstar with what was left of me.

And lastly, a huge thank you to the Fourie brothers, Liny, the sound guys, the security dudes and every other little person who made this another solid Ramfest at Nekkies Holiday Resort in Worcester, Cape Town. The long hours you put in paid off. And then some.

See you in 2012.

All photos (with the exception of the first one by Kevin Goss-Ross) supplied by the genius that is Luke Daniel.