Taxi shoot with DC for LMG

So last Saturday I dragged my hungover ass out of bed and over to MUSEUM Gallery in Woodstock to watch its owner and curator, Dylan Culhane, work his photographic magic with Cape Tonian rock darlings, Taxi Violence.

Poised to release their new unplugged album ‘Long Way From Home’ next month, Taxi Violence were an obvious choice for the cover and main feature in the upcoming issue of Your LMG.

But it’s because Taxi Violence have been on the cover of Your LMG before that this time around, we decided we’d do things a little differently, which is where Dylan came in.

A well-established artist in his own right, Dylan’s breathed new life into this month’s cover artwork and interview. Can you tell I’m super stoked with the way things have turned out?

Also, before anyone accuses me of playing favourites, guitarist Rian Zietsman was actually in and at the shoot, but for fear of giving anything away conceptually, I couldn’t include him in any of the shots below. We still love you buddy.

The May issue of Your LMG will be available in and around Cape Town by the end of next week.

All behind the scenes shots courtesy of Cindy Taylor.