Howl like you mean it

Every now and again I come across a spot that I can’t stop raving about, be it a club, a restaurant, a bar or whatever, it takes usually takes a little something extra for me to raise an eyebrow. Recently, Wolves Cafe in Joburg made me do just that.

Run by Shane Durrant (Desmond and the Tutus frontman) and his wife Angie Batis (of Lucky Pony), Wolves Cafe is essentially a cake and coffee shop, but shortly after they opened, they added an extra dimension to their cafe by hosting different music acts every Thursday.

These sessions, which they’ve cleverly titled “Howl”, come complete with the most creative gig advertising I’ve seen in a long while. Take a look at some of the “Howl” posters below, which were all created by performing acts.

Too awesome, right? What’s even more awesome is now, due to the success of their Wolves/Howl venture, Shane and Angie have launched Howl Records. They recently introduced their first ever release with The Frown’s debut EP ‘Amen’. Ah bless those multi-talented creatives.

The only thing that pisses me off about this place is the pure fact that it’s in Joburg. Grrr.

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