Artist Profile: DJ Sideshow

After quietly making a name for herself these last few years, djing in and around some of Cape Town’s most popular venues, DJ Sideshow (Angela Weickl) is finally getting the recognition she deserves amongst her peers but more importantly, through her packed dance floors.

Dj Sideshow on the decks at Assembly

She’s become somewhat of a legend via her residency at Mercury’s Manic Mondays where the kiddies worship her as well as at The Assembly were she recently djed at Ashtray Electric’s album launch, Tumi and the Volume’s epic gig and aKING’s video launch.

Indeed they don't.

All of her achievements aside, the most epic moment of hers I’ve bared witness to, took place at the new Zula two Saturdays ago.

After filling the Zula lounge dance floor (which, irony sweet irony, bounces exactly like the floor at the old venue used to) she literally shook things up, royally fucking up a CD jay after all the bouncing, induced by her tunes, brought it crashing to the floor.

This did nothing to dampen the mood though – the fact that there were more people in the lounge than there were watching the bands is testament to just how well this lady can put a playlist together.

She’s poised for big things this one. Just don’t ask her to play your birthday party. She may skin you.