Jeremy Loops in Studio

If you live in Cape Town and you haven’t heard of Jeremy Loops then there’s no hope for you.

Seriously though, here’s a man who’s going places.

He’s like a younger version of Lonesome Dave Ferguson, and even though his tunes are as infectious, they’ve got a very chilled, laid back vibe to them.

Quintessentially Capetonian if you will… And if you still don’t recognise his name, maybe the soundcloud at the bottom of this post will jog your memory.

Now Jeremy and M.O.leko (aka Trak – who I also reckon you also should keep both eyes peeled for) recently recorded at the Red Bull Studio and this video was the result. A short 101 on how Mr Loops makes his tunes. It’s the perfect way to ease into the week.

His next gig is on the 23rd of July at The Purple Turtle, but you can be sure if I hear of a sneaky gig pop up, that I’ll let you know.