Theme Tune Thursday #2

After talking about my Theme Tune Thursday #1 pick on MFM 92.6 last week, I realised that these features are probably going to do some serious damage to my already waning reputation. Forgive me. I watched a shite load of TV as a kid.

So today’s Theme Tune comes straight outta the 90s. Moesha aired in 1996 and was cancelled in 2001 after a 5 year run. Yeah so most of the cast were semi-famous and probably went on to do great things, but lets be honest, it was always gonna be about Brandy. Enjoy the crap quality clip below.

And speaking of Brandy, after her smash hit ‘The Boy is Mine’ a couple of Grammys and the FAIL of a “comeback” album that was ‘Human’ in 2008 there really was only one thing left for her to do – reality TV.

So long as she never records another song again, that’s fine by me.