Tunneling in the Snow

Last week, I posted that lame teaser of the Ashtray Electric boys shooting their new music video, ‘Tunnels’, in the snow. Last night, they released the actual video and I’m happy/revealed to say it’s a winner.

Directed by Helen Raine from Motion City Films, it’s a great balance between story and performance vibes. And you’ve got to give props to the guys for braving the snow in Ceres like super troopers. And after you’ve watched it, if you’re not too sure what the whole deal is with the suitcase, don’t stress, I don’t either.

Ashtray Electric – Tunnels from Ashtray Electric on Vimeo.

If you’re in Joburg this weekend, catch Ashtray at Town Hall supported by Wrestlerish and Half ‘n Half.

Also, someone please tell me when Andre got so hot? Sweet lord..