Oppikoppi 2011 – Do or Die

It’s official – all those missioning to Oppikoppi have only five days in which to fill their bottles, prep their livers and screw their heads on properly before they’re thrown into the deep end of Northam.

Now before we get down to the good stuff, I must inform you that I’ve never been to an Oppikoppi before. I’ll also have you know that I don’t do festivals by any half measure. Anyone who’s ever been to a festival with me or has happened to spot me at one knows, I pin a festival’s balls to the wall.

Oppikoppi, I’m told, is a different kettle of festival altogether. En cue anxiety.

To aid me in the popping of my Koppi cherry, the grand people over at Jose Cuervo have been kind enough to hoist my ass safely up there and back, as I make sure I’m sufficiently liquored in order to experience the true awesomeness that is exuded by a Koppi.

Also, I’m quite stoked that Koppi are introducing the cash card this year. In doing this, it becomes the first South African festival to make use of the cash card. Upon arrival, you’re issued a cash card free of charge and will be able to inject it full of moola at loading stations situated around the entertainment area. The downfall of the card? You lose it, you lose your moola, so I’d suggest not loading all your cash onto it at once. Better safe and all that.

Band wise, the best thing about Koppi is getting to see those I otherwise only get to once a year when they tour down to Cape Town. Those on my high priority hit list include Isochronous (*liiick*), Haggis & Bong, Bittereinder, Not My Dog, Z&G, Wrestlerish and the genius that is TUMI.

Also, to those people bitching about the quality of the international acts at the year’s festival, firstly, be happy we’re a country that international bands are even interested in coming to and secondly, after The Used perform, we’ll chat.

Let the countdown begin.