Throwing Caution to the Wind

I’ve long been a champion of The Windy City’s cause. From the first time I saw them at Mercury, to the recording of their debut EP, to their pending touring of parts of Australia that kicks off this week, they really are the poster boys for proactive musicians.

L-R Marco, Jean, Adrian shot by Kelly Berold.

Two weeks ago they put up their video for their first single ‘Games’ and its taken me that long to get round to watching it. Fail.

It really hits the mark in terms of everything I’ve come to expect with this band. Is it the best music video I’ve seen so far this year? No it isn’t, but like everything with this band, it’s a well-produced, solid platform for them to build on.

It’s a cutesy song with a cutesy music video to boot, perfect to ease you into a Monday.

Travel safe boys and come home in one piece.