Red Stag: Take 1

This coming Saturday, The Assembly together with Red Stag by Jim Beam, host a kick-ass musical Joburg invasion and boasts a line-up that, in my opinion, is the best I’ve seen all year for any gig.

So in leading up to what’ll be an epic night, I thought I’d take the liberty of asking one member from each band playing a couple of questions – just to see if they are as amped about playing as we are about watching them.

Today I feature Craig Durrant, drummer of Desmond & the Tutus. I feel like I should warn you about his answers.

Oh well.

The last time I was in Cape Town I – hit myself in the face with a drumstick.

Before a gig I usually – hit myself in the face with a drumstick.

After a gig I usually – put ice on my face.

I think my band is awesome because –  we’ve been to Japan and we like to brag about it.

All the other acts on this line up are – better looking than us.

The best thing about playing at The Assembly this Saturday is – that we get to see the crowd frown when we play new songs.

And before I go I just wanted to say – I ran out of petrol and my girlfriend is in the car, she is pregnant, I just need R20 to get us home to Nelspruit, please any small change, please. I swear, I can show you my car it’s parked just around the corner.

This pic pretty much says it all.