Red Stag: Take 2

So yesterday’s Q&A with drummer Craig from Desmond & the Tutus went quite well, yes?

Today, it’s Dance You’re On Fire’s front man’s turn.

Say hello to Tom Manners while I en cue ‘Boxes of Tiiigerrrs’.

The last time I was in Cape Town I – finally had the chance to grab a burger at Hudsons. Usually we head to Royale but this time we decided to mix things up – I was impressed.

Before a gig I usually – down a bottle of tequila? Actually I wish I was that rock and roll. Usually I’m warming up my voice or hanging out near the stage.

After a gig I usually – pack up and head straight to the bar for a cold beer.

I think my band is awesome because – we all have a common love for burgers.

All the other acts on this line up are – pretty darn awesome. We’ve played a few shows with Double Adapter and Desmond and the Tutus but it’s our first time sharing the stage with the other acts on the bill and we’re pretty amped about it.

The best thing about playing at The Assembly this Saturday is – the fact that we get to go back there (last time we were Adrian was superhumanly awesome on a mixture of tequila and Red Bull) and the fact that it’s our first time actually playing a show at such an awesome venue.

And before I go I just wanted to say – we’ve been to Cape Town seven or eight times this year, but this is definitely the show we’re looking forward to most.

Bring me a beer, bitch.