Goodnight Wembley’s Time Machine

I’ve got flu.

I’ve had it since I went to bloody Melkbos on Thursday to watch Loedi Van Renen (ex Taxi Violence/Jet Black Camaro) shoot/direct Goodnight Wembley’s new music video for their first single ‘Time Machine’.

Now think about this for a second – the launch is this Friday. The shoot was last week Thursday…

This basically means that Renen technically has just under a week to make this video work. GW frontman George Van Der Spuy seemed to have all the confidence in the world in the director though, when I questioned him about how fast Renen works.

The shoot itself was quite a fun, apart from the freezing cold.

Who doesn’t like beer, pizza and general crap-talking?

Renen was also fantastic to watch in action. Photographer Laura McCullagh pointed out to me how he got this crazed look on his face while filming a potential “winning” shot. There were plenty of those.

GW’s drummer Jean had a horrible family tragedy take place earlier that day and so, at the last minute, Snake stepped in to take his place. While watching Snake doing his drum take, publicist Louise Crouse and I wondered how many of these shoots he must have done throughout his career. We didn’t ask. We assumed plenty. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum you have leader guitarist Alex Krause who was rocking his first music video shoot. Too cute.

As of today, ‘Time Machine’ is available for free download here.

See you at Mercury on Friday. I’m off to self-medicate.

Checkout the gallery from the shoot below.

All photos courtesy of Laura McCullagh