Sideshow for Discotheque

It’s no secret that I’m not really the biggest enthusiast of DJ-related events.

Do we all remember what happened the last time I went to Fiction? Ja…

Now DJ Sideshow is a good friend of mine. She’s on that hand where I count my closest bitches. And I’ll do almost anything for my closest bitches.

So yesterday I was wondering why the hell hasn’t she played a Friday night Discotheque at Assembly in a while? Just because I’m more partial to live band events, doesn’t mean I’m retarded to what’s going on. Fine, so Sideshow did play that one Griet GTRONIC event, but that was a while ago and honestly, almost every noteworthy DJ in Cape Town has played Discotheque. Not once, but several times.

It’s not as if Sideshow doesn’t bring, sustain and entertain a crowd all night, AM I RIGHT?? Exactly.

So if you, like me, want to see DJ Sideshow play Discotheque at Assembly, MAKES YOURSELF HEARD AND LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.

Petition? Me? NEVERRR.