Red Red Wine

I know these two dudes who make wine.

The one’s name is David and the other’s name is Simon.

Their wine’s name is Alphabetical.

And it’s not too damn shabby. I should know, I drink enough of it.

A few months ago I attended a trade day where Simon poured me a goblet of wine and David threw me a pair of headphones, commanding me to listen to the Black Keys while I indulged in some grapey goodness which would serve to “heighten the experience”. Bloody genius.

Now the other day David sent me Part 1 (A-L) of the Alphabetical playlist that you can download free if you click here. I’m not sure who put this playlist together, but it’s the most download-worthy one I’ve seen in ages.

David’s got pretty good taste in music too, well, save for that 1 T-Pain song, but I’ll let that slide.

A note: this playlist was meant to complement your Alphabetical experience so for maximum effect, I suggest you go out a buy a bottle. Or 3. If not, it makes one hell of a Monday playlist regardless.